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     IBEW members are prohibited from working for non-union contractors.  This rule and other internal IBEW guidelines are agreed to when the member takes the Oath of Obligation and joins the IBEW.  Breaking this oath can have serious implications, including charges and a trial by Local Union 659's Trial Board.  Fines and explusion may result.

     There is only one circumstance where the internal laws of IBEW allow members to work for the non-union electrical contractors.  That circumstacne is the SALT program.

     A SALT is an IBEW member who is assigned by the Membersip Developement Representative to work for an non-signatory electrical contractor for the purpose of helping the IBEW organize that company.

     Simply working non-union is not SALTing.  A SALT must be in contact with the Local Union Membership Development Representative and receive permission to engage in the SALT program prior to becoming employed at the non-union company.

     We need dedicated members who are willing to help with our organizing efforts.  SALTs have helped promote the IBEW to show the benefits of becoming signatory and other SALTs have helped gather useful information that help in other organizing efforts.

     If you are willing to dedicate your time and effort to help our organizing efforts, please contact Jon Flegel, Membership Developement Representative at 541-664-0800.

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