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Posted On: Oct 24, 2018

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Wednesday October 24, 2018

From the Steward Update Arbitration Reporter
Contract Nixes Company’s Policy on Overtime Pay
A company that contracts out security services had followed a policy in which overtime pay was calculated on a so-called weighted average, but an arbitrator ruled the practice had violated the union contract covering its security guards. The guards were paid each day at two rates: their regular straight-time hourly pay of $20.10 an hour and the minimum wage level for travel and “gear up” time. When overtime resulted after 40 hours in a week, each guard was paid at a weighted average based on the combination of his/her weekly experience between the two rates of pay. The arbitrator said the contract was clear and unambiguous in that overtime pay was to be based upon the “straight-time” rate of $20.10 ($30.15 at time and one-half). He ordered the company to pay overtime at the straight-time rate and to make all employees whole for any pay they may have been shorted, dating from the signing of the current labor contract.

Labor Quote
We’ve Earned It!
“Our struggle is the struggle of every working man and woman in America.  We built this country, we have fought and died in its wars, paid our taxes and built every road and building in it, from one coast to the other.  And all we've asked in return is a fair day's pay for a fair day's work.”
—Moe Lepore, Boston Metro Area APWU

Labor Cartoon
Randy Glasbergen

Steward Tip
The Qualities of a Good Steward
You will encounter all sorts in your work as a steward. You won’t have all the answers for all their problems. You don’t even have to like them all. But you must respect them and be able to deal with them at their own level. That means you’ll take a different approach with the scared worker than you will with the workplace big mouth. Patience and the ability to listen are key attributes for this work. Here are some of the other qualities you’ll need:
· Willingness to do the right thing: The right thing is what benefits the union as a whole.
· Willingness to deal with bureaucracy: This is probably the least palatable of your tasks. You must be willing to deal with red tape – with the goal of using it, cutting through it or going around it to the union’s advantage.
· A sense of humor: If you can’t laugh at yourself, at management and with your co-workers, you won’t survive a week. Remember to take the issues seriously, but not yourself.

—Excerpted from The Union Steward’s Complete Guide (2nd Edition, Updated)

Today in Labor History

October 24
The 40-hour work week goes into effect under the Fair Labor Standards Act, signed by President Roosevelt two years earlier - 1940
U.S. minimum wage increases to 40¢ an hour - 1945
October 25
What many believe to be the first formal training on first aid in American history took place at the Windsor Hotel in Jermyn, Penn., when Dr. Matthew J. Shields instructed 25 coal miners on ways to help their fellow miners. Upon completion of the course each of the miners was prepared and able to render first aid. The training led to marked decreases in serious mining injuries and fatalities - 1899

Some 25,000 silk dye workers strike in Paterson, N.J. - 1934
In what becomes known as the Great Hawaiian Dock Strike, a 6-month struggle to win wage parity with 
mainland dock workers, ends in victory - 1949
The Tribune Co. begins a brutal 5-month-long lockout at the New York Daily News, part of an effort to bust the newspaper’s unions - 1990
John Sweeney, president of the Service Employees Int’l Union, elected president of AFL-CIO – 1995

After a two-year fight, workers at the Bonus Car Wash in Santa Monica, Calif., win a union contract calling for pay increases, better breaks and other gains.  “They didn’t treat us like people,” nine-year employee Oliverio Gomez told the Los Angeles Times - 2011

October 26
After eight years and at least 1,000 worker deaths—mostly Irish immigrants—the 350-mile Erie Canal opens, linking the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. Father John Raho wrote to his bishop that "so many die that there is hardly any time to give Extreme Unction (last rites) to everybody. We run night and day to assist the sick." - 1825

—Compiled and edited by David Prosten. Click here to view this week's labor history.

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